All Your Jewellery

Thank you for dropping by to all your jewellery. We have been supplying beautiful pieces of silver jewellery to our UK customers for quite a few years now and we would like to thank all of our existing customers for their continued support.

What you will notice, though, is that this website is now completely different what it was before. The reason for this is because we have decided to instead of having a lot of smaller sites, have a single website which holds all of our complete ranges of jewellery so everything is under one roof, so to speak.

As of now, that single website is called Milton gems.

An existing e-commerce website in its own right, we thought it would be best to use it so that when one of our valued customers arrives, I won’t have to go to different websites to find different types of jewellery and, all going well, there will be able to find just what they once and Milton gems.

It will have the same people running it, the same standards that you have come to expect from us and the thing that will have changed is that it’s a new website. As a thank you and to apologise for the inconvenience, if you send us an email using the contact us page will be happy to send you a coupon to give you a discount on your next Milton gems order.

Thank you and I look forward to serving you in the manner they deserve and come to expect in the future.

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